Who’s Who

Who was who in the wedding party:

Sooi Lan Chien    Mother of the Bride
William Chien    Brother of the Bride/First Reading Lector

Phillip Chin    Brother of the Groom
Cynthia B. Chin    Mother of the Groom

Carolina Prinzivalli    Bridesmaid
Amanda Yee    Maid of Honor
Jaime Chien Denis    Matron of Honor/Sister of the Bride

Antonino J. Sandoval    Best Man/Stunt Driver/Father of the Ringbearer  (far left)
Leslie Andrew    Groomsman/Second Reading Lector (second left)
Francis Chin  Groom
Lui Sieh    Groomsman/Chief Negotiator (right)

The Rev. Dr. Edward P. Doran    Pastor

Hope Rita Chan   Mother of the Ringbearer (left)
Christian T. Sandoval    Ringbearer (upside-down)

Ameila Chen Wang    Flower Girl

Pei Chen Chien    Bride
Sze Yuen Chien    Father of the Bride

Robert Chan and Mrs. Chan   Uncle and Aunt of Groom (father’s older brother) (left)

Calvin Anthony Chin    Uncle of Groom (mother’s younger brother)

Leon Chin    Uncle of Groom (mother’s younger brother)

Philomena Chen    Aunt of Groom (mother’s younger sister) (center)

Ching Lee    Uncle of Groom (father’s older sister’s husband) (left)

Jan Michael Denis    Husband of Matron of Honor (left)

Rita Chin    Aunt of Groom (mother’s younger brother’s wife) (fourth from left)
Justin Chin    Cousin of Groom (second from right)

Anna Lee    Aunt of Groom (father’s older sister) (center)

Robert Allen, Jeannie Chan Allen  Cousins of the Groom
Liz Chin, Sister of the Groom; Neil Guzman, boyfriend

Eylisa Lee    Cousin of Groom (left)
Christopher Chan    Cousin of Groom (right)

Photos by Lauren Slusher and Phil Chin

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