We thank the following for making our wedding sane and possible.  We encourage you to utilize their services if you have the need. These endorsements are unsolicited.

UPS Store
137  Montague Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
What to do if your mailbox is only two cubic inches, your apartment is 500 square feet, don’t have a doorman and need to accept a gazillion pieces of mail and boxes? The UPS Store is the answer. It has all of the benefits of a PO Box, and also can sign for packages from any courier service, from small boxes to 50 pounds of jelly beans .  Thanks to Bobby Cruz and his staff for putting up with us.

Lauren Slusher Photography
Are you not the typical bride and groom? Looking for a photojournalist? Lauren is the photographer for you.  The three things that we liked were that there we  no arbitrary limits in the number of shots or number of hours of coverage (we ended up with 800 photos), brings a second photographer (unbelievably useful having simultaneous coverage of the bridal party and the groomsmen at the same time), and covers things the way things actually happen, not  turn into a wedding planner.  Special thanks to second stringer Amy, whose 10th wedding anniversary happened to be the same day, and who went off to celebrate after we got to the banquet.

Lauren Slusher (center with camera)

Lauren Slusher (center with camera)

Laurens assistant Amy

Lauren's assistant Amy (left)

Eric But/EBDesign/Good Day Travel
11 E Broadway, New York, NY 10003. Tel: 212-267-7281
Fran designed all of the printed materials himself (making a Chinese wedding invite without actually having gone to Chinese school is a pretty tall order), but somebody has to actually print them. Need to get something printed yesterday, like your wedding invites? Eric can’t break the laws of physics, but he can surely bend them. We pulled off our wedding stationery weeks ahead of when other printers would get them done. Although we designed our invite ourselves, he suggested a few changes that saved us hundreds of dollars.

He also operates Good Day Travel, a Chinatown travel agency that specializes in Asia travel  (we were using frequent flyer points so we didn’t  use his services this time), but he has gotten great deals for us in the past.

OUO Entertainment
OUO Entertainment is one of those places you wouldn’t really know about even if you are a New Yorker. Your typical DJ probably bought some of their equipment from their DJ supply store in the Flushing Mall. If you hire them to perform at your event, you don’t get some guy showing up with an iPod: you get an experienced MC that will keep your event on track and drives people to the dance floor, a two person DJ and lighting crew, and even a music researcher that can find the most obscure stuff, even some Cantonese pop music from the 1980’s. MC Mason kept everything under control even when we were sure the show would run off the rails, and for that we’re really thankful.

OUO DJs and MC Mason (left)

OUO DJ's and MC Mason (left)

James Weir Florists
155 Montague St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
This floral company has served Brooklyn Heights since 1853 and there is a reason why:  they provide the most spectacular and highest quality flowers for a really reasonable price.  They are already Fran’s official purveyor of roses for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries, but set them loose with seasonal flowers: Pei’s bouquet crammed in three dozen circus roses awash with every color from yellow to flame red.

Lowery’s Liquor and Wine
4014 Queens Blvd
Sunnyside, NY 11104
We had originally sought a source for liquor to supply the bar at the original restaurant, and we had committed to purchasing a lifetime supply of rum and tequila, everyone said that this place in Queens had the best combination of price, selection and value.  When we had to switch to a new venue, which had an included open bar, they were very nice and let us cancel delivery of our order.  Please support this family run business!

East Buffet and Restaurant

Once we found out that our original venue was closed down by the Department of Health, we had to find a new restaurant at a moment’s notice. Though even they couldn’t believe that we wanted to pull off a wedding banquet for over 200 people in 3 days, they were able to pull off a scrumptious Chinese feast. We cannot be thankful enough to East for coming though for us in the clutch.

RK Bridal – La Sposa
A large selection of affordable bridal dresses, and the staff is very professional.

Manhattan Bridal / Highlight Studio
OK, normally the tuxes are rented and the wedding dress is purchased. We either previously owned or purchased our tuxes, and the bridesmaids purchased their dresses, so we just  rented the Chinese wedding dress. If you don’t know what you are doing, this is the place to go. They speak English, and they have qi pao and cheonsam for every size.

Redang Inc.
55 West 47th Street Unit 120, New York, New York – (212)869-2127
A lot of people may have family in the jewelry business, but unfortunately that isn’t Fran. So the next best thing is his  Brooklyn Law School friend’s mom, Rosa Song, who runs a booth in the self-described “World’s Largest Jewelry Exchange”.  If you are in the New York area, why go to your run-of-the-mill mall jewelry store, when you can walk into the place that virtually every diamond in the U.S. goes through? Mrs. Song condensed all of that 4Cs, settings, and GIA certification business down into a reasonable number of choices and prices to choose from. The other advantage in the diamond exchange is that you get to see them do everything, including mounting your diamond in the setting. Pei and Fran later went back to her to purchase their wedding rings from them.

St. Charles Borromeo Church
21 Sidney Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Celebrating its 160th anniversary, St. Charles is a jewel in the heart of Brooklyn Heights. The stunning stained-glass windows and intricate works of art evoke the reverent atmosphere of the churches of Europe. Its recorder organ is known as one of the oldest still in regular use.  It is also one of the few churches in the area which are wheelchair accessible. The pastor, Father Edward Doran, is dynamic, warm and supportive, and catered our celebration to make it special for all those that attended.

Sachiko Yanase
Sachiko is an experienced make-up artist that Pei found through the WeddingBee website. She was professional, meticulous, and transformed several good friends into a beautiful wedding party.

Sachiko Yanase (right)

Sachiko Yanase (right)

108 Montague St.
Brooklyn, New York, 11201
Fran has been going to this store for over ten years. As you might know, Fran’s family is from the Caribbean,  as well as much of the haircutting staff, so that is a big plus.  Thanks to Gemma , the manager, for her help.

Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel
The Sheraton was selected for a few reasons – it was only around the corner from our original restaurant, it was near the airport, and Fran happens to have a lot of Starwood points and if we needed hotel rooms anyway, we might as well as earn points with Sheraton.  We had enough points to pay for our honeymoon hotel room in London. We wish that we had more time to explore all of the Asian artifacts in the area.

Teresa’s Restaurant
80 Montague Street
(718) 797-3996

We took 30 members of our family and friends to this place after the wedding rehearsal for dinner. No, it’s not a Chinese restaurant – it’s a Polish restaurant, but you would be surprised at how well Polish food goes along with Chinese palates. The portions are monstrous and are a wonderful value. We try to find an excuse to eat at this place for a hardy brunch or dinner.

Polish food at Teresa's

Polish food at Teresa's

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