What happened with the restaurant, and other frequently asked questions

So what did happen with the restaurant?

Originally, the banquet was going to be at another restaurant in Flushing. However, just before the wedding, we find out that it was closed for health violations by the City, and we couldn’t count on it being open in time for our date that Saturday.

We ended up walking in to East Buffet, sat down with the manager, and said we wanted to throw a Chinese wedding banquet for 250, and we wanted to do it in three days. After the initial expressions of “huh?”, and after we thought about it over the lunch buffet, we pulled the trigger and basically redid half of our wedding over again in 72 hours.

It turned out to be the best thing to have happened, as they were total pros, and we were able to just check off what we needed. They also threw in food for the cocktail hour, which we couldn’t do at the previous restaurant. We’re thankful to East Buffet for pulling off a spectacular banquet for us.

Who was that lady in red, anyway?

Linda Feller dancing up a storm.

Linda Feller dancing up a storm.

The lady that was the life of the party was Linda Feller, who recently retired as the librarian at Brooklyn Technical High School. She is well-beloved by generations of Tech students, and continues to have dinners and social events with some of the students who helped her out, including Pei. We thank her for getting the party started.

Why was there a tree on the invitation?

The tree of Andry, the symbol of the Orthopedic profession.

The Tree of Andry, the symbol of Orthopedics

Fran’s father, Alfred Chin, was an orthodist who made braces for the back and legs. When he opened his own practice, he used this tree, known as the Tree of Andry,  as his symbol on office stationery and cards. The tree is tied to a pole in the same way as a brace would support a spine; this represents the field of Orthopedics. We decided to continue the use of this symbol for our family in his memory. The tree also symbolizes the idea that our many ties are needed to support one other.

Our invitation

Our invitation

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