“Mawage, mawage is what bwings us togethah.. today…” this classic line is from the marriage scene in The Princess Bride.

I finally have some time to recap the high jinks of the week of Oct. 11 2008 (my wedding day!).  It all started when Francis and I walked by the reception hall a few days prior to our wedding.  My heart almost stopped when I saw the famous NYC DOH closure sticker on the front and side doors of the entrance.  I immediately called my dad who reassured me that the restaurant would be up and running soon and would speak to the manager.  We kept this from Francis’ mom because she would not be able to handle the stress of the situation and have a melt down. Days had passed and still the sticker remained. In the mean time, my family made numerous calls to the restaurant and were reassured they will open in time for my wedding reception.

I was getting married in two days and those reassurances were meaningless because the restaurant was still closed. Then the entertainment company called me to tell me what they saw on the door of the restaurant. Later on a friend who lived in the neighborhood informed me of the closure as well. I was not going to let panic fill me and started making alternate plans. Some of the options I was toying with was to cancel the reception or find another restaurant. With some intervention from my mom we found a different restaurant that was able to accommodate us at a short notice.  The best thing to do in this situation was to remain calm that week.  Acting irrational was not the best route. Frankly, the day of my wedding was a big blur.  I only have video and pictures to reflect on.

The day of my wedding was chaotic.  My cake topper went missing, my 3rd dress and picture was still in the hotel room.  The favors did not make it to the restaurant until the guests arrived.  All in all, I should of hired the day of coordinator Francis said I didnt need.  Having a coordinator may have made things run a bit smoother.  Also, dont believe the hype about it being the bride’s day.  Its utter bullshit. …considering family and friends suggesting what you should be doin or who you should be inviting.

But, it made for one memorable day and I got to marry my love and call him hubby from this day forward.

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Wedding portrait

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Our next president is yo mamma?

My sister asked me how I felt this morning and I said “Woot, Woot. I feel like Shelly (her dog) with a treat.” Also, I am happy that the campaigning is over and with a good outcome. Now, I have to wait and see what the future will bring.

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Pei and I want to thank everyone who came out to our celebration on Saturday. You made this an incredibly special day for the both of us, and we really appreciate your love and support. Please keep visiting this site, as we will be posting links to photos and media as we get them.

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Banquet Change of Plan

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our former banquet location is closed for business. Our wedding reception and banquet will now be held at East Buffet & Restaurant, 42-07 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11355. Please join us at our new location.

Our ceremony will still be at St. Charles Borromeo Church, 21 Sidney Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

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Sticky and Sweet

Last night Francis and I went to the Garden to see the material girl in action. The seats (in sec. 419) that we had were not the greatest but at least we were there.  There was no opening act and Madonna went on stage at 9:15pm and performed 2 hours straight. I’m not fanatical about Madonna but wanted to see her perform before she retires.  She was in great shape and demonstrated it on stage with her non-stop performance.    I hope I’m in good shape when I turn 50.  Most of the songs she sang were from her new album Hard Candy.  I didn’t care much for the current album except “4 am” was catchy.  She put a rock twist to her older songs “Borderline” and “Ray of Light” while strumming a guitar.  As for “La Isla Bonita” she used a gypsy band and dancer for an Eastern European feel to it.  Madonna interweaves songs from her past and current hits to show the audience her decades of accomplishments.  During the song “She’s not me”, she takes us back in time with 4 models who represent her in “Open Your Heart,” “Like A Virgin, “ “Material Girl” and “Vogue” .  Overall, it was a fun concert despite the dull section I was in.  People in my section actually sat during the show.  I didn’t have the heart to get up and get into the grove.  No one wants their view to be blocked by an Asian girl.

Madonna NYC 10/6 Palin Comment

Madonna singing Candy Shop

Madonna singing Candy Shop

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Last Friday, Francis and I saw Xanadu on broadway. It was a last minute decision since the show was closing on Sunday. Francis really (emphasize REALLY) wanted to see it. The show was a satirical take on the movie Xanadu and Clash of the Titans. The show was silly fun for 1.5 hours and there was no intermission. Maybe I was exhausted that night but I fell asleep midway through the show. I woke up when the audience was applauding to the kiss between the leads. I mentioned this to a friend who saw it twice and the same thing happened to her. Thankfully, the last half hour was bearable and no nap was needed. After the show we headed to the line outside the stage door to the theatre. Francis was dying to meet the lead actress, Keri Buttler. Apparently, he was on the stagecrew at Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, NY and she was the lead in all their shows. There is a picture of her in his yearbook. As each cast member came out, they were very friendly and signed playbills and had their pictures taken with people on line. Eventually, Francis was able to meet Keri Buttler and had his picture take with her. She remembered him being on stagecrew but that was it. All in all, it made for an interesting night.

"Sonny Malone" and me

Francis and Clio/Kira

Francis and "Clio/Kira"

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Poor Letterman

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Groomzilla vs Mothra in law

I think I smell a franchise.  The WE channel has a show, Bridezillas, where seemingly sane women become increasingly insane as their wedding date approaches.  My friend and I were brainstorming about pitching a story to the WE channel for groomzillas or men who plan their weddings.  Grooms can be seen acting like a total ass on tv.  If they can film brides, then they can film grooms as well.  Maybe it will be funny since most men are clueless about the whole wedding process anyway.  Then again, people wonder why brides turn into bridezilla.

Some quotes which can turn a nice boy or a sweet girl into Groom/Bride-zilla :

“Oh, no you didn’t tell your mom she can wear a white dress to the church ceremony!”

“I thought the RSVP said the 30th not the 15th.”

“Honey, mark yes and include our 4 kids and the nanny.  Cross out the 2 since they must of made a mistake.  Don’t they know to invite the whole family.”

“My service dog has to go into the restaurant with me.  Sorry ma’am but your dog just pissed on the maitre d and snatched a roast from the carving station.’

“I expected the ribbon to be more satiny not like cheap taffeta.”

“Your niece can not be in the wedding party since my second cousin thrice removed adopted daughter should be the flower girl”

In any event, the best thing for a couple to do is elope!

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Communication Challenged

A few days had past for our 9-10-08 deadline to RSVP our wedding and we only had 131 people out of 200.  After a few frantic calls to people who swear they are coming, our guest list went from 130 to 171.  Granted its a chinese banquet but paying for 7 empty tables does not make good economic sense.  It boggles my mind how people would disregard the due date.  I wonder what they do when April 15 comes around.

I am happy that a woman has been nominated for a VP spot.  But Palin, the Republican VP nominee, is no HIllary Clinton and I do not agree with her views.   Also, it is not the first time a woman has been nominated for the VP spot; Geraldine Ferrara ran with Walter Mondale during the 1984 election but lost to Reagan and Bush.  Francis’ mom was excited about Palin’s nomination.  I asked her how come she liked Palin, her only response was “she speaks well”.  Well she sure did not speak well in her first interview with Charles Gibson on ABC news.   Now I really dont care how the candidate looks or speaks.  My concern is what their view points are and what they can do to help the US pull out of the sinkhole its in.

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