Hello Mac

I am a sucker for cute stuff… its the (gasp!) chinese girl in me.  On 02-03-09 Amanda (my best bud) and I ventured to the Soho MAC store for their Hello Kitty MAC makeup preview event.  The store was bustling with girls and guys oohing and ahhing over the products and the vodka infused pink lemonade!

Soho MAC Store Hello Kitty Event

Photo Taken By Amanda Yee – Inside the Hello Kitty MAC event.


Me (clenching a list of MAC Hello Kitty makeup) standing next to a MAC makeup person.  Photo by Amanda Yee.

Ultimately, I bought 3 lipsticks in varying shades of pink and a key charm.  My wallet was lighter but my cute fix was satisfied.  Also, I got to take a ballon home!

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