2 for 1

Yesterday, Francis, Amanda and I went to the Javits center for two conventions, NY Comic Con and the NYT travel show.  Both shows were pretty good and I was up to the challenge to checking both out.   First, I went to see a talk Rick Steve’s was giving about being an independent travel. As a speaker he really engaged the audience and was very knowledgeable about traveling.  He stated, “I am lucky I love what I do.” His passion for traveling was evident throughout his presentation.

After wards, I went over to the NY Comic Con and was engulf in a frenzy of people in costumes, collectors, sellers, artists, gamers and TV stars (unfortunately Francis had the camera).   The recession did not deter people from trekking out to the Comic convention and spending their hard earned cash on statues, games, t-shirt, books and other forms of comic paraphernalia.  I got my geek on for several hours until my head was swimming in comic overkill. I decided to head off to the NYT travel show to wind down.  I met up with Amanda in the Mexico section and lent her the Comic Con pass. While in the Mexico travel section I took advantage of the free tequila shots, sorry no picture folks.  Then wandered to the Thailand group and was the last person to get a Thai massage. That really hit all the right sore spots and I was ready to meet Andrew Zimmerman (the host of Bizzare Foods) at the travel channel both.  While waiting on line to meet him, his people were passing out prepackaged bacon and cheese crickets!  Crickets are not my protein of choice but an interesting snack item.  He was very nice in person and I even received an autographed photo.  Francis and I capped the night off with dinner at Go Go Curry in midtown and ordered the grand slam which we shared.

Photos by Francis Chin:


me with two passes!


the storm trooper and I


Me with Andrew Zimmerman

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