The art of the regift

Recently, the NY Times Published an article titled: “Re-Gifting: You Shouldn’t Have. But if You Did, Here’s How to Get Away With It“.  It has helpful hints  for people who have or have planned on regifting something.   I used to love shopping for a gift for a friend or family member.  I put a lot of thought into it and did not expect anything back.  As the years went by, I have received gifts that I knew were regifts.  The telltale signs were: its been used or worn by the person or I’ve seen it given to gift giver as a secret santa gift or the gift receipt addressed to the gift giver was still in the box! The tackiest regift I ever received was from my wedding.  The couple who gave me the gift neglected to check the box and probably the contents.  The gift looked like it sat in the closet for years and now resurfaced as a regift.  The day after our wedding Francis and I proceeded to open our wedding gifts.  One gift in particular still had the original receipt from 2002 and the gift giver’s maiden name on it.  I guess I couldn’t take it back to Macy’s for an exchange.  Still, these events have not jaded me about gift giving but gave me insight on what kind of person they were.  My advice, read the article and be careful who you regift to because you might get the same crap back.

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