Good Bye.

I have decided to take an indefinte hiatus from updating this blog.  If you are interested in finding out more about me, you know how to contact me.



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What the butts?

I am not writing about the body part but about cigarette butts so don’t get any ideas.  Last night, I was walking my sister’s dogs, Shelly and Mimi, around the neighborhood.  It was such a nice warm night for a stroll.   When low and behold, I was hit by a flying cigarette butt thrown out the window of an apartment building.  A lady who was walking a maltesee saw something fly at me and inquired about the object.  Was it a UFO?  Bigfoot or E.T.?  None of the the above.  It was a stupid remnant of a cancer stick.  Its bad enough people smoke but come on have some decency and dispose of your poison properly.

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Battle of the Bulge

I survived my first week of weight watchers (WW)!! I highly recommend the diet as a good guide to loose weight and keep off the pounds.  Weight has always been an issue for me but I decided to take charge and fight the pounds I’ve put on.  My goal is to be at an ideal weight (Kate Moss I’m not) and just be happy about it.  The battle has begun and I plan on winning the war I started.

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2 for 1

Yesterday, Francis, Amanda and I went to the Javits center for two conventions, NY Comic Con and the NYT travel show.  Both shows were pretty good and I was up to the challenge to checking both out.   First, I went to see a talk Rick Steve’s was giving about being an independent travel. As a speaker he really engaged the audience and was very knowledgeable about traveling.  He stated, “I am lucky I love what I do.” His passion for traveling was evident throughout his presentation.

After wards, I went over to the NY Comic Con and was engulf in a frenzy of people in costumes, collectors, sellers, artists, gamers and TV stars (unfortunately Francis had the camera).   The recession did not deter people from trekking out to the Comic convention and spending their hard earned cash on statues, games, t-shirt, books and other forms of comic paraphernalia.  I got my geek on for several hours until my head was swimming in comic overkill. I decided to head off to the NYT travel show to wind down.  I met up with Amanda in the Mexico section and lent her the Comic Con pass. While in the Mexico travel section I took advantage of the free tequila shots, sorry no picture folks.  Then wandered to the Thailand group and was the last person to get a Thai massage. That really hit all the right sore spots and I was ready to meet Andrew Zimmerman (the host of Bizzare Foods) at the travel channel both.  While waiting on line to meet him, his people were passing out prepackaged bacon and cheese crickets!  Crickets are not my protein of choice but an interesting snack item.  He was very nice in person and I even received an autographed photo.  Francis and I capped the night off with dinner at Go Go Curry in midtown and ordered the grand slam which we shared.

Photos by Francis Chin:


me with two passes!


the storm trooper and I


Me with Andrew Zimmerman

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“Days of future past…”

Kudos for those in the know where the title post came from. 

I’ve been doing a little time traveling myself via Facebook.  My sister created an account for me and was supposed to be maintaining it.  I also outsourced it to Francis.  Even thought the outsourcing was not overseas they have been doing a pretty bad job of maintaining it.  Frankly, I do not care in reveling in my elementary or high school days.  Since, those I kept in touch with are the ones I work hard at maintaining the bonds of friendship.  Who wants to relive the awkwardness of child adolescence or teen angst.  I am at a point in my life that those memories are only memories.  There are reasons why I have not stayed in touch with people from my past.  Probably because we do not have anything in common or were never friends to begin with.  I am going to let the past stay in the past.

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Hello Mac

I am a sucker for cute stuff… its the (gasp!) chinese girl in me.  On 02-03-09 Amanda (my best bud) and I ventured to the Soho MAC store for their Hello Kitty MAC makeup preview event.  The store was bustling with girls and guys oohing and ahhing over the products and the vodka infused pink lemonade!

Soho MAC Store Hello Kitty Event

Photo Taken By Amanda Yee – Inside the Hello Kitty MAC event.


Me (clenching a list of MAC Hello Kitty makeup) standing next to a MAC makeup person.  Photo by Amanda Yee.

Ultimately, I bought 3 lipsticks in varying shades of pink and a key charm.  My wallet was lighter but my cute fix was satisfied.  Also, I got to take a ballon home!

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Go Bama!

Where where you today when Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America?  I was in the donor room amongst my coworkers riveted to the small tv screen as Chief Justice Roberts administered (nervously) the oath of office.  Afterwards, Chief Justice Roberts congratulated Obama by calling him “Mr. President.”  Finally, 8 years of the Bush Presidency are over!  I guess we “misunderestimated” how effective Bush was as a President.  You can’t fault a simple guy for trying but now is the time for change and I am embracing it with gusto.  I have hope that from this day forward our new leader (now I can confidently say he speaks well!) will guide us through these uncertain times.

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Wedding Website Updates

We have updated our wedding website – please visit it here at !

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The art of the regift

Recently, the NY Times Published an article titled: “Re-Gifting: You Shouldn’t Have. But if You Did, Here’s How to Get Away With It“.  It has helpful hints  for people who have or have planned on regifting something.   I used to love shopping for a gift for a friend or family member.  I put a lot of thought into it and did not expect anything back.  As the years went by, I have received gifts that I knew were regifts.  The telltale signs were: its been used or worn by the person or I’ve seen it given to gift giver as a secret santa gift or the gift receipt addressed to the gift giver was still in the box! The tackiest regift I ever received was from my wedding.  The couple who gave me the gift neglected to check the box and probably the contents.  The gift looked like it sat in the closet for years and now resurfaced as a regift.  The day after our wedding Francis and I proceeded to open our wedding gifts.  One gift in particular still had the original receipt from 2002 and the gift giver’s maiden name on it.  I guess I couldn’t take it back to Macy’s for an exchange.  Still, these events have not jaded me about gift giving but gave me insight on what kind of person they were.  My advice, read the article and be careful who you regift to because you might get the same crap back.

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High Roller

Amanda, Carol and I went on another road trip to Atlantic City, NJ and Philadelphia, PA for three days. Amanda has been a member at the Taj Mahal (Trump’s Casino) for several years and although not a high roller, she manages to get comps for a free night at the Taj. Carol was free from nanny duties (she has a niece and nephew whom she graciously babysits often). Prior to our trip I had a dream of winning big at the Wheel of Fortune slots. Going against the flow of traffic, we managed to get to our destination under 3 hours.

After checking in, we shopped until we dropped at the outlet malls nearby. Amanda scored a $2 black long sleeve top at the Gap outlet and a $75 Coach bag. After some disappointing finds, I decided to tail Amanda since she has a nose for bargains and found socks for $2.50 a pair. In a down economy any discounts is a big score. Tired and famished we headed back to our hotel to rest up and hunt for food. Apparently, since it was low season in Atlantic City most of the restaurants were closed by 8 pm. We wound up at the Sultan’s buffet at the Taj for about $20 per person. The food was mediocre but the flan and bread pudding they had in the dessert area was tasty.

Now we were all stuffed and ready to hit the machines. The most I would ever gamble would be $20. I guess… thats why I never get any comps. After going through a few machines and loosing $7, I started to hunt for the Wheel of Fortune Slots. Nestled near the bar were the Wheel of Fortune Penny slots. The quarter and nickle slots were too rich for my taste. After settling in front of one machine I started to play. All of a sudden, I hit a good combination and was ahead by $7.50. That was my cue to stop and take my winnings. After finding Amanda and Carol I told them my fortune. They were less fortunate and lost $60 and $80 respectively. I told them Pat and Vanna were still there giving money away.

The next day we headed out to Philadelphia; the city of Brotherly Love who welcomed our open arms and wallets. After checking into the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, we ate and perused the Reading Market. The market was 2 blocks from our hotel as well as the Christmas shops at City Hall. Then we caught the light show, narrated by Julie Andrews, at Macy’s. I have to say the Loews hotel was one of the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at and they even allow dogs!

Our final day was filled with more food, breakfast at the Down Hown Diner in the Reading Market (highly recommended esp. the pancakes!) and Geno’s for cheesesteak during lunch. I have to say Jim’s on South Street was a much better cheese steak than Geno’s. What do I know, I’m a “New Yawker”. Before heading home, our final stop was the Franklin Mills Mall which was an ok mall with deceptive dollar stores (due to the size of the gift bag we have to charge you $1.50). I did manage to find a deal on a blue shirt at Banana Republic ($5!) and Lindt chocolate as a gift for someone. All in all, the trip was filled with good bargains, friends and fun so stay tunned for more future road trips….

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